Resistance Exercises

As part of a well-rounded exercise routine, it’s important to do resistance, or strength training. The American Heart Association suggests doing these types of exercises at least twice a week. This is any kind of exercise that forces your skeletal muscles to contract. The resistance you use can come from various sources. You can use your own body weight (i.e. push-ups), weights, bands, bottles of water- anything that causes muscles contraction. If you’re just starting a strength routine, be sure to start slowly and uses a lower amount of resistance. Over time, you can increase resistance and/or increase the repetitions of each exercise.

Benefits of regular resistance training include:

  1. An increase in bone density which can help prevent osteoporosis.
  2. It raises your metabolism which assists with weight control.
  3. Stronger muscles help to prevent injuries.
  4. Help with muscle control and balance. 

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