Drug Abuse

When the topic of drug abuse comes up, the assumption is that the abusers are teenagers or young adults. Surprisingly, the fastest growing population of prescription drug abusers is older adults. Anxiety, pain, and insomnia commonly accompany aging, and these conditions can be relieved with medication. Our livers are less efficient at removing toxins as we age, so there can be a dangerous buildup of these medications. This can easily lead to unintentional overuse or abuse.

The signs of possible drug problems or abuse can be mood swings, loss of motivation, loss of appetite, and being unsteady while walking.

Are you taking several different medications that target pain or muscle tightness?                            

These types of drugs can lead to unintentional overdosing or abuse. Check with your doctor to be sure you are on the correct dosage of these medications and that there are no possible interactions with any other drugs you are taking.

Always be sure to alert your physician to any over-the counter pills or supplements you are taking as certain supplements can interact with prescription medications. As a safety precaution, always fill your prescriptions at one pharmacy to enable them to monitor any possible interactions.

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