Help with Medications

Taking multiple medications seems to go hand in hand with aging, but this can lead to problems and concerns. Have a serious conversation with your healthcare provider about the following:

  • What medicines am I supposed to take and what are they supposed to do?
  • Are these medications safe for someone my age?
  • Will a lower dose work just as well?
  • Do I need to treat this problem so aggressively?
  • Is there something besides medication that could help with this condition?
  • Is this prescription still necessary?

Often, remembering to take medication can be a problem. Consider trying some of these tips to manage this concern:

  • Use a pill case. Some are available with sections for morning, noon, night, and bedtime.
  • Have a sheet posted where you can check off each pill as you take it. You can create the form or find one on a website to print.
  • Set a clock, phone, or timer as a reminder.
  • Link medication-taking to a daily habit like eating breakfast or brushing your teeth.
  • Go to a pharmacy that can prepare your prescriptions in bubble packs for the week (much like a pill case but it is an easy-to-open foil-backed bubble).

Medications can be very helpful, but we need to know what we’re taking, why we’re taking it, and we need to remember to take them.

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