Immunization Awareness

Now is the perfect time of year to discuss immunizations that may be appropriate for you with your healthcare provider. There are four common shots recommended for most seniors: Influenza, Tdap, Pneumococcal, and Zoster.

Seniors are at a higher risk for complications from the flu due to possible weakened immune systems. The CDC recommends that seniors stay up to date with their flu vaccines to prevent influenza and its possible health risks.

The Tdap vaccine protects you against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough. It also prevents you from spreading these conditions to any infants you may be around. If you have grand or great grandchildren you are in contact with, their parents may request that you get this shot to protect infants who haven’t been immunized yet.

Pneumococcal vaccines are to prevent pneumonia. Older adults are at a higher risk of contracting pneumonia than any other age group and its corresponding secondary infections can prove life threatening.

The Zoster vaccine can cut your risks against contracting shingles, which is an extremely painful condition that includes a blistering rash. Also, be aware that if you have shingles and are around children who have not had chickenpox as you could possibly infect them with the condition. Always talk to your physician to discuss these and any other vaccines they may feel that you need.

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