Stay Active in the Winter

The colder temperatures and darkness that comes with winter can be a barrier to your regular fitness routine. Overcoming this barrier can be as easy as finding some other activities to enjoy during these few months.
Because of colder temperatures or inclement weather, you may want to choose activities that can be done indoors.
 Walking can be done at a local mall, community center or an indoor track.
 Consider going to a gym to use the equipment or to take a class. Many insurance companies will pay for a membership or for Silver Sneakers classes.
 Try a dance class. Dancing can be one of the best forms of exercise since you use your body as well as your brain to coordinate your steps.
 Swimming is a great low impact exercise that is particularly helpful for those with arthritis.
As with any exercise, don’t forget to do some gentle warm-up exercises and stretches post work-out to prevent muscle soreness.

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