Too Much Sugar

Sugar may be sweet, but too much causes problems in our bodies. Scientists have done extensive research and have found that sugar not only can cause weight gain but a host of other problems as well.

In America the sugar we drink in sodas, sports drinks, etc. is our #1 source of added dietary sugar. One can of soda can have more sugar than should be consumed in a whole day. Below are a few other problems with too much sugar:
 Empty calories- sugar provides no nutrients, so your body gets no benefits.
 Diabetes- sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, but it can contribute to a high calorie diet which is a risk factor.
 Cavities- the added sugar causes bacteria growth which can cause cavities.
 Increased risk of heart disease- a high sugar diet can lead to obesity, inflammation, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure.

Consider the following tips to help you decrease your sugar intake:
 Swap sweet drinks for water or unsweetened seltzer.
 Eat a piece of fruit instead of a whole smoothie which often contains several servings of fruit.
 Look for cereals with less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.
 Instead of jelly, put a sliced banana on your peanut butter sandwich.
 Keep a food diary which can help you determine where added sugar may be hiding.

Article Source: Mary Grider, Nutrition Educator

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