How To Use Food as Medicine to Prevent, Reverse Chronic Disease

Having and maintaining a healthful diet full of fruits
and vegetables promotes the prevention and reversal
of chronic diseases, such as Cardiovascular Disease,
Diabetes, Cancer, and Obesity. It has been shown that
nearly half of all deaths due to Heart Disease, Stroke,
and Diabetes are due to poor diet.
A healthful diet includes whole grains, legumes, fruits,
vegetables, nuts and seeds, Foods that are unhealthy
include processed meat, red meat, added sugar,
refined grains, and ultra-processed foods. Foods that
show both benefit and harm include poultry, eggs,
dairy, and fish.

Nutritional counseling is a great way to start the
conversation between physician and patient on what
they are eating and what they should be eating. If a
patient shows a high level of interest then the
physician can get a sense of their dietary history and
start a strong conversation based on the knowledge
level of their patient. Always be open and honest
with your physician and come up with a plan

Source: American College of Physicians Internal Medicine

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