Sunshine Arm Circles

Seated in a chair with good posture, hold a ball in
both hands with arms extended above your head
and/or in front of you, keeping elbows slightly
bent. Visualizing the face of a clock out in front of
you, begin by holding arms up overhead at 12
o’clock. Circle the ball around to go all the way
around the clock in a controlled fluid motion.

When you’ve reached 12 o’clock again, reverse
directions and circle the opposite way. Keep
alternating circle directions for 8 repetitions.
Rest. Do another set of 8 repetitions.

Modification: A ball is not required for this
exercise. Imagine that you are holding a ball
while performing the motion. If it is difficult to
bring your arms overhead, extend them out in
front of you and move arms as if drawing a circle
on the wall with or without the ball.

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