Calcium: what’s best for your bones and health?

Calcium is a mineral that the body uses for multiple functions. These functions include maintaining bone and tooth health, blood clotting, transmission of nerve impulses, and regulating the heart’s rhythm. 99% of our body’s calcium is stored in our bones and teeth with the remaining 1% being in our blood, muscles, and other tissues.

We get our calcium in two ways. One way is from the food we eat and the other is from supplements we take that contain calcium. Good sources of calcium include dairy products, salmon, dark leafy greens, beans, and soy foods. If you are not getting enough calcium from the foods you eat, your body will start to remove calcium from bones.

Throughout our life, our bones are being broken down and built back up. This process is called remodeling. We can prevent bone loss as we age by exercising regularly. Getting out and simply going on a walk is great for our bones. Swimming and other water sports are also great to build bone density. There are many different ways to get calcium in our body, so try to find the best that works for you!

Source: Harvard School of Public Health

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