Can Exercise Lower My Risk of Cancer?

A study conducted a the American Cancer Society and
the National Cancer Institute has shown that exercising
can lower the risk of certain types of cancer. These
cancers are colon, breast, endometrial, esophageal, liver,
stomach, kidney, and myeloid leukemia.
In this study, exercises with different intensity levels
were all done. It was found that walking for a period of
time every day was very beneficial as a moderate-intensity workout.
Exercising is a great way to keep your weight in check.
Being overweight increases your risk for cancer, but
exercising every day, even lightly or moderately, helps
maintain or lose excess weight. Exercising is also
associated with lowering estrogen and insulin levels
which has been shown to lower the risk of some types
of cancers.
Being active is very important, especially as we age.
There is evidence that it can help to lower the risk of
different types of cancers, but it is also great for mental
health and getting out of the house and moving.

Source: American Caner Society

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