6 Ways to Stay Physically Active in Winter

Exercising as we start to enter the winter months can be very challenging. As temperatures drop, roads and sidewalks can be slippery, the days are shorter, and storms prevent outdoor activities. Below are 4 ways to stay active during the winter months.

  • Explore exercise videos
  • These can be done at home. Try to find exercises focused on stretching and building strength. Tai Chi is also a great option.
  • Find an exercise class near you
  • Look for evidence-based exercise classes that can help you stay active, but also can provide you an opportunity to meet new people and see your friends.
  • Go mall walking
  • This is a great option during the winter months to provide a warm, safe, and well-lit environment.
  • Find an indoor community pool or track
  • These are great resources and places to be able to stay active as it gets colder outside. Look at your local Parks and Recreation Centers and local YMCAs for physcial activity options.

Source: National Council on Aging

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