Tips for Holiday Eating

The holiday season can be filled with celebrations with lots of good food, especially desserts. Eating an extra 200 calories a day which can be an extra dessert at night, can lead to adding two to three pounds over this holiday season. This does not sound like much, but few people lose these extra pounds in the following months and years. Read below for some helpful tips to think about throughout the holiday season.

  • Budget wisely: Try to pick and choose what you eat and spend calories on foods you love.
  • Take 10 before taking seconds: It takes time for your brain to process that you are full. After finishing your meal take a 10-minute break.
  • Distance from the food table: Try not to stand by the food table because it becomes easier to mindlessly eat.
  • Don’t go out with an empty stomach: Try to eat something before attending any holiday festivities.
  • Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach: Alcohol can increase your appetite.
  • Make room for veggies: Don’t ignore fruits and veggies and make sure to get some of them on your plate.
  • Pay attention to what really matters: Although food is a great part of the holidays, put focus on family and friends and being together.

Source: Harvard Health

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