5 Things to Do Every Day to Keep Your Heart Healthy

We all know that exercise and keeping a good diet can keep your heart healthy. But, are there other things you can do to keep your heart healthy? Cardiothoracic surgeon Marc Gillinov, MD, explains 5 things to do everyday to help your heart stay strong and work efficiently.

  1. Eat healthy fats. NOT trans fats. Trans fats have been shown to increase your risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke over a lifetime.
  2. Practice good dental hygiene, especially flossing your teeth daily. Dental health is a good indicator of overall health.
  3. Get enough sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, you may be at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease no matter your age or health habits.
  4. Don’t sit for too long at one time. Recent research has shown that being seated for long periods of time is bad for your health no matter how much exercise you do.
  5. Avoid secondhand smoke like the plague. Studies have shown that people who are exposed to secondhand smoke increase their risk of developing heart disease by 25 to 30 percent.

Source: Cleveland Clinic

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