7 Best Types of Exercise for Older Adults

No matter your age, the best exercise for you is the one you enjoy the most. After all, if you don’t like your workout, how long are you going to stick with it? Your exercise routine will change throughout the years. Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Barbara Bergin, M.D., explains that for older adults the top priority must be mainting your qulaity of life outside the gym. Below are some great exercise ideas as we age.

  • Swimming is a great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness while also strengthening your muscles.
  • Yoga is a more holistic approach to fitness. It helps build muscle strength, aerobic fitness, core stability, and total-body mobility, which are all very important for older adults.
  • Pilates is a low-impact strength program that focuses on core stability which makes it especially great for older adults.
  • Bodyweight training has been shown to be more time-efficient than cardiovascular exercise.
  • Resistance bands are very inexpensive and are perfect for at-home workouts.
  • Walking is a great way to get out of the house and stay active and can have a big impact on your health.
  • Cycling is another low-impact form of exercise and is a great way to increase your leg strength. Cycling has also been found to improve cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and cognitive performance in adults older than 70

Source: Silver Sneakers

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