Eating Healthy This Summer

Make it your personal goal this summer to find affordable, convenient ways to get your diet back on track for the better. Summer is a great time to reintroduce yourself to the healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables, because they’re at their peak of freshness. These foods are high in vitamins and minerals, and naturally low in fat, sugar and sodium. Here’s how you can get started incorporating them into your daily diet:

Shop at a Farmers’ Markets

See what’s in season and find fresh new food at summer farmers’ markets.

Use Herbs

Try to keep herbs in a window box or garden to always have fresh herbs on hand.

Start to Grill More

Toss some vegetables and meat on the grill. You’ll get some fresh air and cleaning up is easy!

Know How to Portion

Use MyPlate as a guide and fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit for each meal.

Blend It Up

If you’re having trouble eating enough fruit each day, try making a smoothie each morning to start your day this summer.

Freeze Fruit

If you’re worried about overbuying fruit, put your fruit in ziploc bags to defrost when ready to eat or even use them in smoothies.

Source: Griswold Home Care

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